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Below on this page shows some of the most efficient and newest equipment I use for my chimney sweeping business.

  • Viper
  • NA
  • NA

The new technology developed includes a powerful extractor which eliminates soot entering the room. The industrial HEPA filter vacuum cleaner has three filters for maximum effect.

Jones The Sweep uses stiff polypropeline brushes which are pushed up and down the chimney making sure it is swept to a high standard dramatically reducing the chance of a chimney fire.

The Viper cleaning system is a relatively new piece of equipment to allow greater versatility for the sweeps to use on appliances which have a lined chimney. It is lightweight and mobile and allows us to sweep Agas, Rayburns, Esses and boiler flues with confidence.
Various attachments can be added for an all round satisfactory job.

Sponges are the most important piece of equipment we use. As a sponge can contract - it can be squeezed into an opening to stop soot from leaking out. This method, added to the above practices, prevents a thin film of soot settling on the room surfaces.

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